Why Cutting-Edge Startups Are Flocking to Arlington, Virginia

October 15, 2015

Entrepreneurs in the Washington, D.C. suburb are out to prove that their county is ideal for more than just staid government business.

The Washington, D.C. suburbs might seem like an unlikely hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, but a group of business-minded folks in Arlington, Virginia, are trying to transform the august county into a center of innovation.

Arlington, a county of more than 210,000, is home to a community of entrepreneurs eager to dispel the notion that successful startups must begin in Silicon Valley. Earlier this month, Arlington Economic Development launched Startup Arlington, a contest aimed to attract fledgling companies to the area. The winner--to be announced at the end of October--will receive three months of free office and living space.

Here are three reasons Arlington has become so startup-friendly.

  1. Close proximity to big-city resources--without the big-city traffic
  2. A whip-smart talent pool
  3. Support from top companies and government agencies

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