Travel Industry Infographic: 30% of Travel Website Traffic Is Generated by Web Scrapers

July 25, 2013 Courtney Brady

Distil Networks’ research and infographic indicates over 30% of travel industry website traffic is web scrapers targeting prices.

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) July 25, 2013  According to a new Distil Networks study, web scrapers attack travel industry websites so frequently that on average 30% of travel industry website traffic is a web scraping bot.

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Distil Networks ( provides content and web scraping protection for digital businesses that publicly share proprietary data. Distil Networks works like a protective shield, and stops web scrapers and bots from accessing customer websites and content. During the one-week research period, Distil Networks protected travel industry customers from over 50 million web scraper attempts to access site data.

Research reveals travel industry prices to be the target of these scrapers, and up to 6% of these scrapers have been identified as direct competitors of Distil Networks customers, but this number is likely low since many bots are masquerading their true origin. CEO and Co-founder Rami Essaid says web scrapers target prices for competitive analyses, listing aggregation, and enforcement of pricing agreements.

Essaid says, “We’ve seen whole businesses built on web scraping. These businesses leverage content and data that they don’t own and siphon away value from multiple sources to build their own brand. This is how many meta search sites got their start. Our customers are protected from web scrapers and website data theft allowing them to create APIs or other means of data access which can then be become a new income stream.” 

Essaid and Distil Networks are intent on helping the travel industry detect and block web-scraping bots of all sorts.

To learn about how Distil Networks blocks bots to secure website content, and to view the full infographic, go to

About Distil Networks

Distil Networks is the leading public and private cloud security provider that blocks malicious bots attacking your website. These automated attacks are responsible for fraud, data theft, and slowing down your web application performance.

Prevent web scraping, eliminate form spam and click fraud, reduce infrastructure costs, and regain your competitive advantage with Distil Networks. 

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