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October 4, 2017

Distil Networks, the global leader in bot detection and mitigation, protects your website, mobile app, and APIs from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.  Distil defends against web scraping, account takeover, transaction fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, click fraud, and web and mobile API abuse.

Mitigating the impact of bad bots on your business requires more than just technology. Only Distil Networks’ unique, holistic approach provides a truly effective defense. Through a potent combination of a superior technology platform, human expertise, and vigilant and dedicated support, Distil delivers bad bot defense that’s as sophisticated and adaptable as the threat itself. Get complete visibility and control over human, good bot, and bad bot traffic, and rest easy knowing that the world’s best bot hunters have got your back.

  • Distil Bot Defense for Web protects your website by verifying human traffic on real browsers
  • Distil Bot Defense for API prevents bots from accessing your API servers, whether it be through web or mobile
  • Distil Analyst Managed Service assigns a dedicated team of security analysts to manage your bot defense program
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