Understanding the Bot Problem: The Secrets Hidden Inside Your Web Traffic

July 11, 2019

Most IT pros have experienced the craziness and utter chaos that ensues as malicious bots attack with persistence. The lack of visibility, the time spent researching the origins and patterns, and the immense time pressure to find a solution all curb your ability to serve your company's needs.

Tyler Paxton, VP of Product at Distil Networks, explains how significant it is for companies’ reporting and analytics to evolve along with the increasingly complex demands of the bad bot ecosystem. He will reveal our newest Arms Race weapon, which no other bot mitigation platform has been able to provide until now. Together, we’ll uncover the type of visibility your team needs in order to investigate and handle the most sophisticated bad bot attacks.

Join us for our webinar Understanding the Bot Problem: the Secrets Hidden Inside Your Web Traffic where we’ll cover: 

  • How improved visibility allows for highly-specific investigations of site anomalies
  • What log-level access means for cybersecurity professionals
  • How absolute clarity in reporting drives cybersecurity accountability
  • What companies need to know about the escalating bad bot problem

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