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Aberdeen Monte Carlo Model Assessing the Risk of Bad Bots To Your Business

July 8, 2016

Bots with malicious intent represent a significant percentage of web traffic, and information security professionals — in their dual roles as subject matter experts and trusted advisors to the business leaders they serve — need to understand and quantify the risk that bad bots represent to their respective organizations.

In this white paper, Derek Brink, VP and Research Fellow at Aberdeen Research, quantifies the risk and economic impact of bad bots on your business - between 1.6% and 7.9% of annual website revenue, with a median business impact of about 4.2%.

In addition, Aberdeen's analysis provides security professionals with exactly what they need to quantify estimates for fundamental business questions such as:

  • The risk of bad bots under the status quo
  • The value of an incremental investment in a particular bad bot countermeasure
  • A comparison of an incremental investment in one form of bad bot countermeasure with an alternative incremental investment in another

Aberdeen’s simple analysis illustrates the value of Monte Carlo modeling as a tool to help make better-informed business decisions about the risk of bad bots, even in the face of the inherent uncertainties in these matters.

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